Simon Heywood

storyteller, songwriter, composer, folklorist

October News

Heck of a summer! Out of the Silence has now come, well, out of the silence, and we’ve doing our bit to make sure the “conchies” of the Great War get the recognition they deserve. The great thing about Out of the Silence has been the number of times we’ve told the stories, and people have come up and said things like, “Oh, yeah, my grandad’s brother was a conchie. Nobody ever talked about it, though.” Many times we’ve met people who even knew the objectors whose stories we tell. Every time we’ve told it, someone’s been listening who met the legendary peace and labour activist, Archibald Fenner Brockway. That dude certainly got around. I can’t thank David Ambrose of Beyond the Border enough for making me go off and find these stories and start telling them.

It was a summer of festivals – FatE, Towersey, Whitby and Hull Freedom to Tell Tales Festival, and then Tales in Trust at the National Centre for Traditional Music at Halsway Manor.

Back off the road now (mostly) for the autumn, looking at editing publications for the Society for Storytelling, finishing off South Yorkshire Folktales, looking at further research into the fascinating subject of Shonaleigh’s family storytelling tradition.

And I’ve given website a bit of attention. It’s vaguely informative and up to date now. If you don’t believe me, have a rummage.