Simon Heywood

storyteller, songwriter, composer, folklorist

July News

Just listed and uploaded all my gigs for the summer. Strewth. Hadn’t quite clocked that there was that much going on … there’s Vortigern at the Story Forge, Festival at the Edge, and Tales of the Dales up in Wensleydale; two storywalks for the Dragonsbreath Day of Stories in August (local tales of the Drone Valley – heaven!); a talk on myth and legend in the arts and crafts movement at Blackwell in Cumbria; the Tower of Bagel in Belgium; and Off the Shelf back in Sheffield. I’m delighted to say old favourite the one-man Twisting Field may emerge from the mothballs in Stafford. And there’s storytelling clubs in Leicester and Nottingham. And on Halloween I’m helping Dave Clarke launch his new book ‘Scared to Death’ in Sheffield – and doing a benefit for the Sheffield Quakers with Shonaleigh on November 1st, which will give a kind of balance to the season I suppose. All the details I have are here:

In the pipeline … I may get to dress up as a giant lobster in Sheffield in August. Or I may not.

And meanwhile, out of the limelight … I’m teaching the second fabulous Creative Writing and Narrative Arts Summer School at Halsway Manor in August with Shonaleigh … I’m busy trying to find time to edit publications for the Society for Storytelling and finishing off South Yorkshire Folktales … having a lot of fun tracking down illustrators … and talking to EFDSS about some work on the incredible Full English project in the autumn!