Simon Heywood

storyteller, songwriter, composer, folklorist

May News

The big news is that The Legend of Vortigern is finally out, with attendant launch publicity – see Forthcoming Events for details, but there’s big events over the summer at Festival at the Edge and Treadwell’s Bookshop in London. Feedback and reviews so far have been very positive. I’m still working on book number 2 – South Yorkshire Folktales – with Damien Barker. So far on this one I can testify that the content is truly enthralling in the state in which we found it, so I’m hoping we can do it all justice in the write-up …

Also, I’ve started work in earnest with the editorial board of the UK Society for Storytelling and I’ve also embarked on a very long-held ambition to record and archive Shonaleigh’s family repertoire of traditional Jewish stories. Next month (or thereabouts) I hope to have something more concrete to say about these projects, but they already look really exciting.

In rare moments of leisure I’m writing the most ambitious post yet for the Secret Life of the Folktale blog. Watch that space.

I’m even getting a chance to tell the odd story here and there. Not much of one, but still, you can’t have everything, I suppose.