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storyteller, songwriter, composer, folklorist

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October News

Heck of a summer! Out of the Silence has now come, well, out of the silence, and we’ve doing our bit to make sure the “conchies” of the Great War get the recognition they deserve. The great thing about Out of the Silence has been the number of times we’ve told the stories, and people have come up and said things like, “Oh, yeah, my grandad’s brother was a conchie.

July News

Boy, THAT was a month.

June News

Ha, bet you weren’t expecting a monthly update. They, er, haven’t been very monthly of late.

July News

Just listed and uploaded all my gigs for the summer. Strewth. Hadn’t quite clocked that there was that much going on …

June News

Another busy month – signing copies of Vortigern in Derby, Rotherham, and Barnsley – and tomorrow night back to London, after a proper launch with all the authors in the series at Torriano Storynights. The book’s been selling well and has some extremely welcome reviews.

May News

The big news is that The Legend of Vortigern is finally out, with attendant launch publicity – see Forthcoming Events for details, but there’s big events over the summer at Festival at the Edge and Treadwell’s Bookshop in London. Feedback and reviews so far have been very positive. I’m still working on book number 2 – South Yorkshire Folktales – with Damien Barker.

April News

Sheffield Folk Festival started it off, with an evening of songs and stories about Joe Mather, the great radical Sheffield songwriter. The Legend of Vortigern is now out and proud, along with the rest of the Ancient Legends Retold series. There are launch events for the whole series and individual volumes up and down the country – see Forthcoming Events on this site for details.

March News

Busy times. There’s a growing number of signings for the launch of The Legend of Vortigern – currently Sheffield, Derby, Barnsley and Rotherham – see Forthcoming Events for details. I’m working on some online content to spread the word about the book (a short podcast of excerpts) – watch this space.

February News

The long silence is nearly over, and the results approach tangibility: The Legend of Vortigern is very nearly ready to hit the presses and is due for release in April. It’s already available for pre-order on Amazon – here.

October News

The big excitement of the moment is the BASE Awards. Gilgamesh won the award for Outstanding Collaboration. Commissioned by Stories from the Tree of Life and premiered at Huddersfield Literature Festival in 2009, Gilgamesh was adapted and performed by Tim Ralphs and me. Big thanks to Mai Lin Li, who offered the commission, and Tim, who generously invited me to share it.