Simon Heywood

storyteller, songwriter, composer, folklorist

Picture Galleries

Darkest England

Some posters and other images for the show, on its 2009 tour, as and when I can work out how to upload them.

Flipcharts are to thoughts as echoes are to voices

Some of my best writing is done on flipcharts and whiteboards. I sometimes record it before it’s wiped away.

Leviathan at x-church

The ribs they rise in rafters in the dark above my head.
The whale he goes his way upon the sea.
No woman now or man on earth knows anything of me:
It is as if I’m dead.

I wrote and sang a song for this exhibition by Sheffield artist Paul Evans, centred on a life-size drawing of a diving sperm whale.

The Twisting Field

Proof that we did it!

Part 1 of Light of the Long Hand.