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Simon Heywood

Out of the Silence: The Story of the Conscientious Objectors

Out of the Silence: The Story of the Conscientious Objectors in His


Out of the Silence, our 2014 storytelling commission for Beyond the Border Wales International Storytelling Festival, is now touring and available for booking. To download a touring pack, click here. To see forthcoming dates, click here.

The Legend of Vortigern is available from the History Press here.

South Yorkshire Folktales is due for publication by the History Press in 2015.

Praise for The Legend of Vortigern:

“Unexpected. Powerful. Beautiful. It captured that bleak melancholic beauty that Wales and its stories has. Can’t decide whether to read it again or give it to my husband to read so we can talk about it!”

Amy Douglas

“One of the English storytelling scene’s top hands. He knows his onions … You can tell straight away that you’re listening to a ­storyteller here … that flavour of orality is never far away. The economy of language and ­characterisation, the masterly pacing: by these devices the author steers us through a complex narrative and several decades of time at a brisk pace without ever feeling rushed along. … It works! And you close the book with a firm sense that, legend or not, this is how it might well have been.”


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I’m a writer and independent scholar, specialising in oral and traditional narrative. I’ve worked in a number of capacities as a storyteller, musician, composer and workshop leader. I’ve researched and told stories live around the world, and written, co-written and published poetry, fiction, non-fiction, translations, and scripts. I obtained a PhD on contemporary storytelling at Sheffield University’s National Centre for English Cultural Tradition in 2001 (here it is in a nutshell). I teach storytelling and creative writing at Derby University. My work with Tim Ralphs on the epic of Gilgamesh was awarded Best Collaboration at the 2012 BASE Awards. I co-wrote the script for the award-winning documentary Contempt of Conscience (2008). I’m starting to get more and more involved in editing publications for the Society for Storytelling.

I blog on stories and storytelling here.

I felt that those of us who were there had a very special evening. I was more excited by what you were doing than I have been for a long time. It just seemed very new and very right … one of the most exciting things I’ve ever heard.

Katy Cawkwell

Gloriously witty, intelligent and satirical … easily the best storyteller at the Festival.

Matthew Cox

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